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March 8th Hobbs MS Symphonic Band MPA Itinerary

Parents – We really need as many of you who can be at FWBHS auditorium at 6:30 p.m. on the 8th to support our young musicians! Hope to see you in the audience!
Parent chaperons will be selected and contacted in advance by Mr. Colón

No items containing peanuts allowed on buses as we have students with peanut allergies.
Report to school wearing black shoes (boys – black socks) and carrying full uniform in garment bag. Deliver it to Band Room uniform rack. Make sure your name is clearly on uniform bag. 4th period as usual - All Symphonic students report to the band room. We will go to lunch at usual time and then report to the band room again at 5th period in order to load all equipment, change into uniforms and prepare all boxes of music for travel. Students will only miss 5th and 6th period. Please remember to pack a sack dinner if your child will ride back to HMS on buses.
4th period – Belongings/backpacks in band storage rooms. All students rehearse in band room.
12:15 – End rehearsal. Go to lunch at school as usual.
12:45 – Back to band room. Dress into uniforms. Percussion and tubas load trucks with instruments AFTER dressing. Everyone put music in labeled music boxes. Percussion is responsible for all mallets, sticks and small items used for performance.
1:45 – Load large instruments on trucks of equipment dads.
2:45 – Final check for all equipment, music and roll call.
3:15 - Load buses in full uniform with small instruments and sack dinners.
3:30 – Leave HMS. Snacks and water will be provided on the buses for free.
5:10 – Arrive at Ft. Walton Beach HS. Unload buses with chaperons for use of restrooms.
5:30 – Unload all large equipment. Percussion stay with truck dads and your equipment.
5:45 – Woodwinds and brass - Line up for ready area.
6:00 – Enter Warm Up Room for warm up and tuning.
6:30 – Perform on stage!!!
6:50 – Enter Sight Reading room. Sight Read!
7:25 – Exit sight reading to buses and wait for results.
7:30 – Time for parent pick-up for those at FWBHS. (see bottom of this form)
7:40 – Buses exit FWBHS for Hobbs. Snacks and water will still be available on buses. Students may also eat their sack dinner from home at this time.
9:00 – Arrive @ Hobbs MS.


_ On March 8th, my child will be checked out at the bus at Ft.Walton Beach High School on the Wright Parkway side at 7:30 p.m. by: (print approved name):

_ On March 8th, my child will be picked up at Hobbs MS at 9:00 p.m. by: (print approved name): __