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If you signed up your child for Beginner Band Summer Head-Start camp, it goes from Monday, July 10th through Thursday, July 20th. Both weeks it meets Monday through Thursday from 3:00 pm till 4:15 pm in the Hobbs Band room. Please refer to your gold half-sheet for items your child will need for the first day of camp.

If your child is a returning student and signed up for private lessons with Mr. C, you should have received an email the week of July 3rd telling you the assigned lesson time for your child. Lessons are twice per week and are for 3 weeks: July 10th though 27th.

  • Jazz results were emailed as of 5:40 p.m., June 10th. These were emailed only to parents of students who were selected into next school year's Jazz Ensemble. Please check the email address on file with the school. 3 families who did not have an email on file were sent a text.

Great job, all band classes, at your spring band concert performance!

  • If your child missed Beginner Selection time, your late instrument selection date is Friday, July 7th in the Hobbs band room any time between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.

  • If your beginner band child intended on registering for Beginner Summer head-start Camp, but missed the June 2nd registration, your late registration date is Friday, July 7th in the Hobbs band room any time between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.

  • If your child is a returning 7th/8th grader and intended on doing Summer Lessons but did not meet the June 2nd registration, your late registration date is Friday, July 7th in the Hobbs band room any time between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.

  • Click below for the form to do Summer Private Lessons for returning students (in 7th or 8th grd next school year), especially those who want to audition for All-State or All-County next year. Please read the form carefully. This was printed in the band room as a front/back document, so be aware that if you print it at home, it will be a 2 page document to turn in. Please read the first page carefully before completing. Click download to view the form-

If your returning band student intends on auditioning for Florida All-State Band, you must either take Summer Lessons from Mr. Colo'n or from an area music store that offers private lessons on the All-State requirements. When school starts, it is too late to prepare for All-State auditions which occur in September.

  • Students auditioning for next year's Jazz Ensemble class need to do so by June 2nd. Audition music was handed out the week of May 22nd to students who signed the audition board. If your child makes jazz, you will receive an email by June 10th.

  • Symphonic and Jazz parents - please have your child turn in their full uniform by June 2nd. Make sure it is on a hanger with their first and last name on it. This will help us sort and prepare the uniforms for summer cleaning and for next school year. Thank you!

  • School owned instruments - If your child is returning, all they have to do is fill out a summer instrument checkout sheet in the band room and their practice instrument may remain at home for summer practicing. If your child is going into 9th grade, or is not returning next year, please have them turn in their school-owned instrument to the band room by June 2nd. Make sure their name is on the case.

  • Beginner Selection nights start May 18th for next school year. Please click here to view the details - InstrumentSelection17

Congratulations to our Hobbs Jazz Ensemble for earning a 95.33 out of 100 possible points at the Panama City Music Festival on May 12th! The scores from each of the 3 judges were: 95, 96, and 95! Congratulations Hobbs Jaguar Jazzers!!

Gold division trophy, given to groups earning a 90 or above, earned by Hobbs Jazz Band on May 12th @ the Panama City Music Festival!


Congratulations to our Hobbs Symphonic Band for earning all Superior ratings from all 4 FBA judges in their Music Performance Assessment, including straight A's in every caption - Technical Preparation, Performance Fundamentals, Musical Effect and Sight Reading, on Thursday, March 9th @ Pensacola HS! Congrats Jaguar Symphonic Band students!!!!

Green and Gold cupcakes with FBA Superior Award and Judges sheets displayed at Symphonic Celebration on March 10th!

MHS 8th grade Band Day: Mark your calendars, future 9th graders, for May 17th. Permission forms with details of the day will be sent home in early May. Also all percussion and wind 9th grade info can be found at
  • Congratulations to our All-State student, Hailey Cole, 7th grade clarinetist!

  • Congratulations to the following students who collectively made Hobbs Band history! We had 36 students selected to the All-County band, the most from any county middle school this year, and the most in Hobbs history! Here are our outstanding All-County Band musicians:

    Flutes – (out of 17 selected to the section)
    Lauren Bishop, #1 in the county!
    Isabelle Alli, 2nd
    Megan Galloway, 4th
    Sienna Ward, 7th
    Callie Pong, 9th
    Cadence Cooper, 10th
    Savannah Weeks, 12th

    Clarinets – (out of 24 selected to the section)
    Hailey Cole, #1 in the county!
    Hannah Mack, 2nd
    Sarah Heuer, 4th
    Hannah Semanski, 6th
    Kaleeya Laurent, 8th
    Reagan Jones, 9th
    Donna McCoy, 11th
    Lilly Archangel, 15th
    Donelle McCrory, 19th
    Ginny Rowe, 24th

    Bass Clarinets (out of 4 selected)
    Annemarie Seaman, #1 in the county

    Alto Saxes (out of 6 selected)
    Josh Pool, #1 in the county!
    Jordan Caasi, 3rd
    Dylan Kirton, 6th

    Tenor Saxes (out of 3 selected)
    Ansley Rust, #1 in the county!
    Brianna Goulet, 3rd

    Trumpets (out of 17 selected)
    Anna Coy, #1 in the county!
    Jordan Brignano, 5th
    Autumn Crews, 7th
    Denise Carillo, 9th
    Zachary Blalock, 11th
    Marcus Randolph, 12th
    Brenden Pitts, 14th
    Anna Brown, 17th

    French Horns (out of 9 selected)
    Cobin Fitzgerald, 3rd
    Emma Wortman, 4th

    Trombones (out of 10 selected)
    Alyssa Gregg, 2nd
    Amyah Parker, 4th

    Tuba (out of 7 selected)
    Dominick Skultety, 4th

Congratulations to all of these hard-working, outstanding musicians!!

Parents of students who have been issued a school-owned instrument: The rental for the entire school year is $100. Please make a check out to Hobbs Middle School Band in this amount as soon as you are able. Students can deliver the rental payment to the locked silver money box in the band room, making sure that the student name is on the check or on the envelope that holds the money. School-owned issued instruments are: Tubas, French horns, bassoons, bass clarinets, bari-sax, tenor-sax, baritones/euphoniums and percussion (perc. in 5th and 6th periods only, not 1st period percussion). Thank you!

  • Congratulations to the following musicians who participated in the FBA Solo and Ensemble Festival last Saturday the 18th at Escambia High School:

    Earning an overall grade of “A” for 17 Hobbs superior blue medals were:

    Flute duet of Cadence Cooper and Megan Galloway

    Brass quintet of Amyah Parker, Autumn Crews, Austin Campbell, Emma Wortman and Dominick Skultety

    Flute duet of Lauren Bishop and Hannah Mack

    Saxophone duet of Tristan Charmichael and Darin Barnes

    Clarinet solo of Hailey Cole

    Clarinet solo of Sarah Heuer

    Trombone solo of Kaleb Malec

    Trombone solo of Ethan Colón

    Trumpet solo of Austin Campbell

    Trumpet solo of Brooklyn Tyler

    Also earning a grade of B were:

    Flute duet of Katie Andrews and Kierra Lee

    Trumpet trio of Marcus Randolph, Anna Coy and Brenden Pitts

    Clarinet trio of Donna McCoy, Josh Pitts, and Gabe Gemuend

    Congratulations to all of these hard-working musicians!

  • Parents - If you are in need of financial assistance with any band costs, please write a personal note to Mr. Colo'n, hand delivered by your child, for him to send home a form for you to fill out that will remain confidential and will determine if your child qualifies for assistance with any necessary costs pertaining to band.

  • All Classes, visit - http://www.upbeatmusic.com You can order directly from their website for delivery to the Hobbs band room. They are very fast at delivering to Hobbs and have high quality brands and repair. When calling them, ask for Lee.

    Area Private band instrument Lessons
    www.KandyceMusicLessons.com - Kandyce is local, in Milton. 368-6882
    Schmidts - 434-0317
    Joyful Noise - 983-3008
    Upbeat - 850-398-4009
    Blues Angels - 457-7557


  • Learn about your Band Director, Mr. Robert Colón (pronounced as cologne), by right clicking link below and hitting "open link in new tab" - colonr.portfoliolounge.com

  • ATTENTION 8th Grade going into Milton Band - Visit their website below or contact Mr. Schultz at - Band Phone: (850)983-5611