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All listed Requirements are graded in class and will show online as they are individually completed.

2016 Audition Requirements and Procedures:

  • 3 Major scales, performed accurately by memory in 1 minute or less combined. Scales are: Concert G, F and Ab. Adding octaves, where applicable, can increase score.
  • Chromatic Scale, full possible range of student, memorized and performed accurately in 30 seconds or less.
  • The Audition Etude, or piece, given out in class. This is not to be performed by memory, but will be performed with sheet music and accurately interpreted based on all musical requirements within this piece.
  • Demonstrate Sight Reading ability using a sight reading exercise in class.

Please check grades online for due dates for each of these items. All students in Symphonic class have been given the above listed materials, and a very few from Concert (Intermediate) class have been also given these based on their accelerated progress this year so far. Preparing for an invitation to audition is only open to Symphonic and the few in Intermediate who have been given these materials.

Only students who score a 90 or above on the timed 3 major scales, the timed chromatic scale, the required prepared piece (etude), and individual sight reading evaluation will be given an audition invitation sheet.

To get additional help beyond our daily work in class, students can sign up for free after school tutoring with Mr. Colo'n, or paid private lessons from Schmidts, Joyful Noise, Upbeat, Blues Angel, or the local person listed below.

It is the student's responsibility to seek help in advance via these means in order to meet deadlines and criteria for an invitation to audition.

The projected date for completing all required assignments and sending home invitations based on those assignment grades is October 27th. Any student finishing requirements early will receive an invitation before then.

Auditions are private and not open to public or parent audience. The auditions will be recorded and sent in to a panel of judges. Auditions are at Hobbs band room for us, and audition recording times will be assigned after invitations are given out. Auditions are between Nov. 9th and 14th, as listed on band calendar on band website.

Area Private Lessons - Kandyce is local, in Milton. 368-6882
Schmidts - 434-0317
Joyful Noise - 983-3008
Upbeat - 850-398-4009
Blues Angels - 457-7557