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Please ask your child for the Green Packet handed out Friday, 2/12. The top green sheet has very important details concerning Solo-Ensemble Festival. Please read through it with your child soon. The schedule below is the NEWEST VERSION, not the one included in the packet. Also, if your child is using Connie McFarren, my supplied pianist who has been coming to school to rehearse with the kids, please make a check out to her for $20, or $20 cash in an envelope with her name on it and your child's name. Thanks! Please have her payment Saturday at the event if you have not paid her by now.

This version below, changed on 2/18, due to student cancellations, starts with the 9th event listed on the 1st page...the first 8 listed are cancellations. The first actual event starts at 9 a.m. in James Knight's room. Please check to see if your child's time has been changed. As of 2/18, 3 solo times were changed to fill in the gaps. All other events should be the same. Please double check below.